Pellet Boilers


solpelletboilerPellet boilers feature many of the benefits of Pellet Stoves, but are more traditionally situated in a separate boiler room such as a basement, garage or other purpose built area. Pellet Boilers can replace traditional oil or gas boilers and can provide domestic hot water and central heating via radiators.

Pellets are usually contained in a hopper which if large enough can be filled directly from a delivery vehicle, this is the most cost effective way of buying pellets as there is no packaging required, alternatively the hopper can me manually loaded via bagged pellets if required. SolPellet compact pellet boilers all have integral hoppers which will only require loading maybe once a week.

Environment A wood pellet boiler burns cleanly. Compared to other heating appliances that burn solid fuel, wood pellet boilers emit the lowest amount of pollutants. Heating with a carbon-neutral fuel such as wood pellets is a sustainable solution that’s better for our ecosystem than are non-renewable fuels such as propane, natural gas, oil, and most electric power.

Fuel costs are lower. 2kg of pellets provides the same heat as 1lt of oil currently costs are roughly half (2kg pellets =48cents & 1 litre oil= 97cents) The pellets are made from waste sawdust in saw mills and timber yards. A 15kg bag costs between 3 and 5 euros. These bags also store cleanly and are very easy to handle. This is certainly not the case with small logs used for traditional wood stoves and fireplaces.

Automatic pellet boilers feed from a hopper , the boiler controls the delivery of pellets to the firepot where the flame is constantly regulated. Pellet boilers, just like traditional central heating boilers can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, some even have modems so you can call via a smartphone and set the heating to some on.

Efficiency One of the main benefits of wood pellet stoves is their efficiency. These stoves have an average efficiency rating of 85 percent. Others stoves like electric and gas usually have a maximum heating efficiency of 75 percent. Pellet stoves provide more heat and the heat is constant.


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