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solpelletlogonew250Solpellet was formed to deal with the increased demand for economical, clean heating solutions in Southern Spain. Its a myth that its warm all year round in Spain, those of you living here know just how cold it can get in the winter, especially in inland or elevated locations.

pellets1960 370Solpellet has the answer, following the trend of many northern European countries in the adoption of Wood pellets as a source of fuel.

The last few years have seen fuel and energy prices rocket and gas, oil and electricity show little sign of ever being cheap again (if indeed they ever were). It’s time to look for alternative methods of heating and an increasingly popular contender is compressed wood, otherwise known as biomass or wood pellets.

Why pellets are better than traditional sources of heatingAmb_termostufe-acciaio_modello-30-copia-562x769

  • Greener – Wood or biomass pellets burn cleanly and are better for the environment. Compared to other solid fuel appliances, pellet burners emit the lowest level of pollutants, virtually no smell, and there is no smoke. What’s more the ash trays only need emptying 1 -2 times per week on average.
  • Cheaper – The pellets are made from compressed sawdust from saw mills and timber yards. A 15kg bag costs between 3 and 5 euros and are roughly half the cost of the oil required to provide the same  amount of heat.
  • Easier – The automatic control mechanism feeds the pellets from hopper to burn-pot means the fire is self-regulating. A timer allows programming of on and off times giving total control over the home’s heating.
  • Efficient – Electric and gas heaters tend to operate at around 75% efficiency. Pellet burners average 85% and those from Solpellet perform at 90% or more.

Solpellet are based on the Costa Cálida and supply high quality Italian-made pellet stoves and boilers to the Murcia, Alicante and Almeria provinces. Given that pellets are currently half the cost of oil, it’s an option worth exploring, call now for a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements. Call Neil on +34 697 949 519

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